I tested the new macOS Ventura on MacBook M1 Pro (14 Inch 2021) laptop. The result was bad, so the short answer is “Not yet”.

So many good features mentioned here, I wanted to try out on my M1 Pro, but it just gave me headache. ๐Ÿ™

Although my M1 Pro was listed as compatible with Ventura. The update was not of use all.

These are the problems I faced:

  • Frequent App Crashes such as Chrome, Opera. (Atleast the apps opened for few minutes though)
  • The menu icons were not showing up on the top right corner, which it used to on macOS Monterey.
  • The App Store, never opened for me.

These issues were enough for me to revert back to previous macOS Monterey, but there was no easy way. ๐Ÿ™

So it seems like it doesn’t work fine on Apple Silicon version, I wonder why it released the Ventura with breaking changes for M1 Pro.

I would like you to stay happy and for that, please do not install Ventura on macOS Silicon / M1 chips. If you want to really try your hands on Ventura, be ready to get your HDD erased or formatted and then try this. Else don’t try this.

Just incase you have already installed Ventura and have issues on new M1 Pro 14 Inch laptop, you should follow this to fix it.

If you had time machine backup already of Monterey, then you are good to just erase and install macOS Monterey.

Steps to revert back to macOS Monterey

  1. Take backup of your entire HDD or important files so you can copy
  2. Take backup of SSH keys if you are a developer and want to take back old keys to have same access to repositories.
  3. Shutdown
  4. Press and hold power button. (to open recovery options)
  5. Choose Disk Utilities
  6. Click on the main HDD.
  7. Click on Erase.
  8. Install Monterey macOS.
  9. Enjoy!

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