A lot of things to get embedded or added to website needs a code snippet to be added in the website code files. That includes analytics, GTM, ads, etc. However, there is one easy way to setup Google Analytics 4 on WordPress. Here is how you can do it without any coding efforts, just by doing few clicks.

Enter, the Site Kit Plugin by Google.

The best way to add Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to the WordPress site, Google’s SiteKit Plugin

After installing and activating this plugin, you will see a good wizard.

The installation documentation is very well presented here – https://sitekit.withgoogle.com/documentation/getting-started/install/

The most amazing thing is that this plugin has login with Google option, that lets you create and configure Google analytics account right from the plugin backend, so you don’t have to leave WordPress site dashboard at all.

The code snippet is also being handled by the plugin, and you get to choose which id to use, where to exclude etc.

This is what you see when you try to edit the analytics settings from plugin.

So that’s it.. Just by clicking and selecting property or account you are able to setup GA4. It also does dual tracking, so you can also send data to UA and GA4 by setting both like it is shown in above screenshot.

Still have questions? Please let us know in the comments and we will answer.

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