In today’s world we are seeing a lot of devices powered by Lithium ion batteries. Such as smartphones, laptops, even electric bikes and cars have lithium ion batteries in them. However, the lithium ion batteries have issues. What? You might ask. 

The lithium ion batteries have multiple issues now, such as not being robust as rechargeable batteries, the cost of production and preservation is high, storage and transportation cost increases as there’s a protective layer needed for these batteries for preventing the short circuit damages.

Nuclear energy in the past had been used for bad purposes (You know about the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by America). Now is the time to use that for good. 

The power of nuclear energy is enormous and can power the devices or work stations atleast for 10 years. There is a micro reactor that has this capability. 

There is a new battery coming out in the market, named “Nuclear batteries”. These are small but capable of powering devices for 28000 years. The actual output voltage could be less though. 

Nuclear batteries can be built using nuclear waste materials so it is a great source of nuclear waste clean up. Also, the nuclear batteries are claimed to have no carbon emission so they are environmental friendly. 

Take a look at the following video explaining how it works.

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