Recently I bought Macbook Pro M1 Chip 14’inch 2021 Model.

The cost is high ($2000 nearly Rs.1,70,000.). Someone will almost need to take loan for this device 😀

However, it is a best machine to work on, specially when you need better speed and performance for work. You should have best weapons to fight or win the war. Hence it is recommended to go with better laptops for professional use.

Taking care of this costly machine

1. Screen

The screen of the macbook is retina display with very delicate material. A light bump or hit will damage the screen from inside and can break display.

I personally had been closing the laptop lid very harshly, that affected the laptop screen from insight. One fine day it started to show me black sceen, lines on the bottom and sides.

Here is the video of the cracked display which is common issue in Macbook M1 Pro. Specifically with Apple Macbook Pro because it has edge to edge screen display leaving no room for the bumps for hard surface while closing the lid.

So it is advised to NEVER be so hard while closing the laptop lid because Macbook Pro laptops are very expensive.

Just in case if you are too late, and have already cracked the screen of Apple Macbook Pro laptop. Following are the measures you can take:

  1. If laptop is new, Take the laptop to Apple Authorized Service Center.
  2. If you have Apple protection plan, Take the laptop to Apple Authorized Service Center.

The apple service centers will repair the laptop screen for free and return it back under 10 days. (I got mine in just 7 days.)

2. Protect from dust

Here are the few tips to prevent dust from going in the laptop:

  • Always put the laptop on table or hard surface so the dust particles can’t go inside the laptop.
  • Don’t use the laptop on bed, or cushions as it might have dust particles that laptop fan will pull inside like a vacuum cleaner.
MacBook Pro on Desk Mockup

We will add more information as we see problems and fixes here.. Stay tuned.

Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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